Written: 2005

Price: full set $65; score $20

Commissioned By: Montoya Music

Duration: ca. 6:00

Grade Level: 4

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As children, we grew up with stories of kings & queens, wizards, dragons, unicorns and Gods & Goddesses.   Everyone remembers different characters and adventures, and we each hold a different story dear to our hearts.  Myth is written to recall these stories and images in the listener’s minds.

While there are no sections that directly reference specific myths, legends or fairy tales, one can imagine certain passages in the music acting as a soundtrack to our “bedtime story.”  The piece ends on a happy yet unresolved note, echoing the common fairy tale ending, “…and they lived happily ever after.”


Myth is Montoya’s second work for symphonic winds and is dedicated to Bernard Rosenberg and the Frank M. Tejeda Middle School Band.